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Great Families 2020 is a four-year initiative designed to transform the lives of families by providing community support and connection to services, such as workforce development, and health and financial support, to serve adults and children, together!

DayStar has partnered with John Boner Neighborhood Center and East Tenth United Methodist Children and Youth Center, to more holistically support families living in our neighborhood toward stability and Kindergarten readiness. 

The Great Families initiative has provided DayStar with a greater opportunity to serve our neighbors.  Great Families staff, such as our Family Engagement Specialist, Educational Coach, and Family Navigator, are focused on forming relationships with families, identifying both strengths and areas of need.  We have aimed to surround our families with specific resources and care as we move forward, toward their goals.

Great Families 2020 has helped to cultivate a close community among DayStar families, as well as connect us to surrounding resources and services through our area partners.

A Two Generation approach...

Great Families 2020, modeled after what is known as the Two Generation approach, is a framework developed by Ascend at the Aspen Institute, a nationally recognized hub for innovative ideas and collaborations that move children and their parents toward educational success and economic security.


By establishing a neighborhood networks of comprehensive, integrated services that serve the whole family, then more children are prepared to enter kindergarten ready to learn, more parents acquire the skills needed for career-track jobs, and more families become financially stable.


As these neighborhood networks leverage existing community development and neighborhood improvement plans and initiatives—as envisioned by LISC’s Great Places 2020 project—then families will remain in these improving neighborhoods that promote a high quality of life.

Questions or comments?  Contact Jen May,

Family Engagement Specialist

DayStar Childcare

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