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Lisa Bowling, Co-Director

Lisa, along with her co-director, Laura Dyke, began with DayStar in 1996.  She grew up in Tennessee, and attended East Tennessee State University, studying Social Work.  Lisa moved to Indianapolis with her family in 1993, when her husband became the pastor of Englewood Church.   In 2013, she completed an Administrative Credential and an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.  

Lisa is blessed to have 4 grown sons and 13 grandchildren who all live in the Englewood neighborhood! She loves to travel, and sneaks off to the West Coast of Ireland every chance she gets.

Laura Dyke, Co-Director
Laura, along with her co-director, Lisa Bowling, began with DayStar in 1996.  She grew up in East Tennessee, and graduated from Johnson University with a degree in Youth Ministry and Children’s Education.  Laura moved to Indianapolis after graduation. Prior to opening DayStar, she worked at the Care Center, which was a homeless shelter for women and children, in what is now the Commonwealth Apartments.  Laura finished her Administrative Credential from McCormick’s Center for Early Childhood Leadership in 2014 through Indiana State University.



Mary returned to DayStar in 2018 after a twenty year hiatus.  She worked part time for us during her early college years. Since that time Mary has been wife to her husband Joe and mother to Libby, Rachel, John, and Ben.  She homeschooled her children during their elementary years. Most recently she was on staff at Pogue’s Run Grocer until its closure.

We are grateful to have Mary working as our morning office manager.  She also joins Mr. Larry in playing the guitar at morning singing time.  Mary has confessed that Larry sparked her interest in playing the guitar years ago when she was a child.  They make a great team now.


Pru came to DayStar as our afternoon Office Manager in 2018.  Prior to coming on board here, Pru worked at Indiana Quadel as a Senior Program Compliance Specialist.  She does a wonderful job of keeping us organized.

Pru left her previous job because of a desire to begin working part- time so she could spend more time with her family, especially her grandchildren.  Working here gives her more opportunities to spend time with them. She is the mother to one grown daughter and to a middle school aged son. She enjoys working close to home and being part of the Englewood Community.

Pru Horiz.jpg


Ashley has been on the DayStar staff as our School Ager coordinator since 2015.  She was introduced to Englewood and DayStar from our friends at Mission Indy. She is a graduate of Indiana State with a major in Criminal Justice and Psychology.  Ashley also works part-time as the coordinator for Englewood Recreation.

Ashley enjoys being outdoors.  She loves hiking, camping and star-gazing.  Ashley also enjoys being active. She likes to play basketball and she runs.  In her free time she is an avid reader and she enjoys being creative.


Becky is one of DayStar’s most experienced teachers.  She has taught Kindergarten and PreK at DayStar since 1998.  Prior to working at DayStar, Becky taught First Grade and Physical Education.  She is a wealth of knowledge for our teachers. For this reason, her current role is Educational Coach.  Becky has a Bachelors and Masters in Elementary Education.  

Becky has attended Englewood Church her whole life.  She came from a large family and has worked with children she was small.  Outside of work Becky keeps busy by attending activities of her children and grandchildren.  They are involved in art and sporting activities.  



Jen has worked at DayStar since 2012.  She has worked as an assistant teacher, a lead teacher, and now our Family Engagement Specialist.  During her time of working here, Jen has completed Early Childhood Education classes to go with her Bachelor’s degree in another field.

Jen, her husband, and their two boys have been a part of Englewood since they were missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand.  After their seven years there, they returned to the states and became residents of the Near Eastside of Indianapolis. Jen loves to be outside hiking, biking, and running.

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