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Welcome to DayStar Childcare!

A Level 4

 Paths to Quality Provider 

DayStar Childcare and Infant Learning Center has been providing quality childcare since 1996.

"If it takes a village to raise kids, Daystar is our village. The teachers love our children deeply and know them well. Not only do they take excellent care of them all day, but they also are amazing resources for advice and encouragement that informs how we parent. We feel incredibly lucky to raise our kids as part of this community."​

What Our Parents Say

"Our family loves all the activities and experiences for our kids. Trips to museums, walking to the library, 3 great outdoor spaces, a full size gym to run around in! All while being surrounded by teachers who love our kids like they're their own! There are other places to send your kid, but WHY would you when it's all in one great spot?"

"The teachers and staff are very dedicated to the kids and enrich them through creative activities and gentle guidance. We love the Daystar community and the variety of fun family activities they have throughout the year!"


The mission of DayStar Childcare and DayStar Infant Learning Center is to provide a safe, loving, developmentally appropriate environment for children of diverse backgrounds throughout the greater Indianapolis area.  As an expression of Englewood Christian Church, it is our desire to provide quality, affordable early childhood education for families with children 6 weeks to 12 years old.


We believe at DayStar Childcare and DayStar Infant Learning Center, the purposes of education are to stimulate and encourage the development of the whole child; intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. The ways children are taught and encouraged in the early years of life inform how they develop and grow. The nurturing care they receive at this critical time affects the long-term development of their brains, personalities, values, character and even how they interact socially with others.


Our goal at DayStar is to work toward the individual development of your child. We believe in a comprehensive early childhood approach to education that is age and developmentally appropriate and one that is based on solid child developmental principles.  The experiences encountered each day are designed to stimulate growth through active involvement, child participation, age appropriateness, cognitive appropriateness, and developmental relevance to the child and to holistic learning with the love of Christ being expressed in all that we do.


In our setting, all children have a stable, safe environment filled with challenging opportunities to learn and explore new concepts through play and discovery. Activities are made available that encompass literacy, math, art, music and movement. Each classroom is rich with conversation, books and reading. Our teachers observe and plan curricula reflective of the interest and diversity of children and families represented in each class.


All areas of the child’s development are interwoven into the activities they encounter. Both free play and directed play are important components to our program. Whether they are running outdoors, creating a work of art, or quietly listening to a story, they will be learning. All of our curriculum and activities are consistent with the Foundations to the Indiana Academic Standards for Young Children from Birth to Age Five.

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